Pro-life Education Sites


                       Pennsylvanians for Human Life
                                  Since 1972, Pennsylvanians for Human Life has been a leader in educating
                                  students regarding the protection of the most basic human right - life itself.
                                   PHL provides educational information to approximately 35,000 people
                                  each  year.


                                    Philadelphia National Family Planning Network
PNFPN is a a network of persons dedicated to the promotion of Natural
                              Family Planning (NFP). Our mission is to explain its practice, its
                              effectiveness, its benefits and its underlying moral principles as understood
                              and taught by the Catholic Church. Since NFP is in accord with God's order
                              of creation we believe couples that practice NFP have stronger, healthier
                              and more permanent marriages. We encourage all couples to consider NFP


          Just the Facts

                                                    (From Ireland)
"Just the Facts" School Information Prioject aims to teach about
                      life itself. Show ultrasounds picture of the child developing in
                      the womb


                     Priests for Life

                      Images  of  Aborted Babies

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                      Images of Live Babies in the Womb

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Abortion Facts  
Our mission is simple.  We have brought together quality
                                    information on the abortion debate from many different sources
                                    and made it available to the world in one abortion megasite.
                                    We believe these facts point to an obvious conclusion. You are
                                    free to accept or reject this conclusion.  We simply ask that
                                    whatever you do, do it on the basis of fact.


                                   A DOCTOR'S DESCRIPTION OF A NEAR BIRTH ABORTION
                                    For a Doctor's description and comments on Near Birth Abortions see
                                    the article by
Susan Brinkmann article which was in
                             the July 29.2004 issue of  THE CATHOLIC STANDARD
                             & TIMES

                                             SCIENCE FOR UNBORN HUMAN LIFE
                                     Physician-endorsed facts about the rapid development
                                     of the unborn child's body, prenatal movement, senses, and learning.