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                                         GENERATION  LIFE -
Generation Life is a youth movement of students
ctivists, teachers, professionals, and artists committed to
                       ending the horror of abortion, proclaiming the message of
                       sexual purity to their peers, and shering in Biblical revolution
                       to the next generation. Its source, fuel
                       and fire is the same as that of all creation the one and only
                        Triune God.

Generation Life intends to, with the help of God, successfully
                       defeat abortion and capture the hearts and souls of America's
                       youth for God. We will energize and equip the young generation
                       to passionately stand for justice through  concerts, rallies,
                       fellowship, training seminars, chastity education, and cutting
                       edge activities in the public square. Information about such events
                       can be found on our events page. Please take note of our
                       Philadelphia flagship event, the annual Generation
                       LIFE summer conference, and our inaugural national event,



                                        GravityTeen is a place to get inspired, build self esteem,
                         up your personal power and just feel better about yourself.
                         Get teen advice about peer pressure, drugs, and other hard teen
                         challenges and decisions by checking out real life teen stories!   
                         And tell your story to help teens, too! There's also a special
                         section in case you or someone you know is pregnant and
                         trying to decide if abortion, adoption or teen parenthood is
                         the answer. It has some very cool prenatal pics and fetal
                         development info to download for school, too!
                         From serious stuff to fun comebacks, gravityteen will have
                         you landing on your feet!

place where girls share the truth about their
       unexpected pregnancies


                                                              TEEN BREAKS

                       Trying to break out of your shell?  Find yourself and
                      others at TeenBreaks!  Real teens telling their own
                      stories about relationships, hooking up, breaking up, peer
                      pressure and all sorts of problems, including pregnancy and
                      abortion. Get inspired or just get the facts.  Find out how
                      others handled difficult situations and how it worked out. 
                      Submit your own thoughts and stories and win cool prizes too!