CSS Adoption Services

Bringing Families Together

Free Birth Family Counseling

● CSS provides free support and counseling to anyone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

● A caring counselor will assist birth parents in exploring parenting and adoption options.

● If they choose adoption, birth parents will have the opportunity to select the family with whom they would like to place their child.


Temporary Foster Placement

If the birth parents are still uncertain if adoption is the best decision for their child, CSS offers free temporary placement in approved and loving foster homes.

Adoptive Families

CSS offers support, education, and training for families who are interested in building their family through adoption. Services include: ● Home Study ● Adoptive Placement ● Supervision of adoptive placement

Domestic Infant Adoption

CSS facilitates placement of children from diverse backgrounds - African-American, Caucasian, & Multi-cultural.

International Adoption

CSS collaborates with other adoption agencies to place children from

Korea, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, & Poland.


State Wide Adoption Network (SWAN)

CSS facilitates services for families interested in adopting one of Pennsylvania’s waiting children.

Post-Adoption Services

CSS provides information and support to adoptees, birth parents, and adoptive families.

Adoption, A lifelong decision

Spanish speaking counselors available




Adoption Services, Catholic Social Services, Archdiocese of Philadelphia

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