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Cluster 14 Pastoral Plan (one page summary)

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Philadelphia-North Vicariate
Rev. Francis Beach, Vicar
Far-Northeast Philadelphia

Approved by Anthony Cardinal Bevilacqua, November 7, 1997

Cluster 14 Member Parishes

St. Anselm

St. Dominic

St. Martha

St. Christopher

St. Jerome

Maternity B.V.M

Christ the King

St. Katherine of Siena

Our Lady of Calvary


During the extensive process of preparing for broad-based consultative initiative to study the most critical issues affecting the Archdiocese today, the Cardinal's consultors recommended the venue of Clusters to accomplish this consultative process. His Eminence accepted their recommendation. His Eminence accepted the Cluster Pastoral Plans as they were presented to him. As a result, Cluster 14 was created  in 1998 as a result of this program. The Cluster is engaged in the mission of providing Adult Religious Education to the parishioners of the following parishes within Northeast Philadelphia; St. Martha's, Maternity BVM, Our Lady of Calvary, St. Christopher's, St. Anselm, St. Dominic, St. Jerome, St. Katherine and Christ the King.


The Cluster Pastoral Plan includes the following goals:

  • To develop a coordinated EVANGELIZATION outreach program directed to inactive Catholics.
  • To form and nurture Lay Leaders for the cluster.
  • To conduct a Cluster Adult Religious Education Program.
  • To prepare the parishioners in Cluster 14 for the emergence of Laity into   roles of Spiritual and Administrative Leadership.
  • To use the multimedia to communicate the basic teachings of the Catholic Church.
  • To select an Implementation Committee to oversee the Refinement and Implementation of the approved Recommended Goals, as well as to continue the process of cluster communication, ongoing planning and cluster business.