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Maternity B.V.M. 
a-North Vicariate)
Address: 9222 Old  Bustleton Ave.            email
Founded: October 2, 1870
Rectory: 9220  Old Bustleton Ave. 19115
Phone: 215 673-8127,  215  676-5144
Pastor: Rev. Msgr. Anthony W. McGuire
Masses: Vigil Mass, Saturdays, 4:30, 7 PM. Sundays, 8, 9:30, 11 AM; 12:30, 7 PM; lower church
: 9:30 AM(except summer); old church: 10:30 AM (except summer); Holydays Vigil Mass
7 PM, Holydays, 6:30, 8, 9:30, 11; 7 PM. Weekdays (lower church), 6:30, 8, 9 AM.
Saturdays, 8, 9 AM Weekdaysin summer, 6:30, 8 AM. Saturday in summer, 8 AM.
Confessions Lower Church  Sat. 3:00 - 4:00 P.M.  Eves of First Fridays  7:30 - 8:30  P.M.
School:   215 673-0235
Handicapped Access: Totally Accessible
Boundaries: Tomlinson Rd. from Bustleton Ave. to Roosevelt Blvd.; to Grant Ave.; to Blue Grass Rd.;
to Welsh Rd.; to Dewees Rd.; to Winchester Ave.; to Roosevelt Blvd.; to Strahle St.;
to Bustleton Ave to Fox Chase Rd.; to Algon Ave.; to Krewston Rd.; to Pennypack Creek; to
Verree Rd.; to Bustleton Ave.; to Tomlinson Rd.

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                                              new2.gif (26402 bytes)   MATERNITY B.V.M. SCHOOL                           


                      MISSION STATEMENT

Christians EMPOWERED BY THE SPIRIT, we are called to the mission of sharing God's
love with all people by:

          Recognizing Christ within each member of our parish family,
           Witnessing the Gospel values within each of us,
           Sharing the Spirit with those around us.

We  move forward as people of God by:

          Enriching Eurcharistic Celebrations,
          Service to each other,
          Creating a sense of belonging.

With the Blessed Virgin Mary as our Patroness, may we echo her commitment, as we strive
continue God's plan of salvation.





Have You Ever Wondered  j0254500.gif (15007 bytes)


  While listening to the Sunday reading, homily or your own bible
  readings, have you ever said I wish I could ask a question about that?
  This may be just another way we strengthen our faith.

 There are boxes located at the entrances to church into which you can place your
questions. The questions will either be randomly selected or grouped by theme such
as historical, liturgical, theological, etc. The questions will be researched and hopefully
answered and printed in the bulletin as soon as possible.


                                         DISCIPLES IN MISSION
                                                     YEAR II

                             TO WELCOME AND INVITE

An Evangelization Experience

As we begin Year II of Disciples in Mission, we reflect on Year I and the overwhelming response
of our parish community to faith sharing. Our parish had faith sharing groups meeting every
evening except Saturday and Sunday. Some of the groups were able to meet during the day.
One group was made up of teenage parish members who met in the Rectory. All totaled,
we had fourteen faith sharing groups meeting during Lent.


The participants were asked to give their evaluation and opinions of faith sharing. Some of
the respondents stated that the "Sunday Mass was more meaningful", because they had the
opportunity to read the Sunday readings ahead of time and contemplate on what each of
these readings meant to them personally. They noted that they felt a renewed "sense of
spirituality and a deeper understanding of the scripture." Many in the groups felt a sense of
community that developed from the time the group spent together reading and sharing their
insights into the scriptures. One of our groups even went on mini-pilgrimages to some of our
local shrines. Overall, the responses were positive. A member of one group was so moved
that they went out and bought a new bible. One negative response was that the sessions
ended too soon.

Now, as we begin Year II with the first Sunday of Advent, we invite all our parishioners
to join us in this spiritually enriching program. The theme of Year II is To Welcome and Invite.

We, as a faith sharing community, welcome all people to hear the message of salvation
in Jesus Christ. We are called to invite others so that they may have the same experience
of a deepening in their faith and in their relationship with God.

The goal of year II also includes a challenge to us as Catholic Christians. This challenge is
to become aware of the multicultural diversity in our world and in our parish in particular. We
are challenged to find ways to welcome, honor and celebrate this diversity. One way we can
do this is through our faith sharing. We will definitely have faith sharing during Lent 2001.

Please continue to pray for the success of Disciples in Mission. Maybe this year will be
the right time for you to "love tenderly and walk humbly with God." Faith Sharing Groups
will meet during Advent. Sign Up for Lenten Group Meetings will begin in January.

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