AFTER EFFECTS OF ABORTION                                            


                                             Emotional effects on a woman after an abortion
                                    For information, see the article entitled "Post-abortion
                             depression: Women have a right to know"
                             NADIA POZO.  It appeared in the July 29.2004 issue of 
                             THE CATHOLIC STANDARD & TIMES. See what is being
                             done to try and defined the extent of the damage. Your
                             support is needed to it happen. Check it out to see what
                             you can do to make it happen.


                            RACHEL'S  VINEYARD
                                    Rachel's Vineyard is an extraordinary opportunity for any person who
                                   struggles with emotional and spiritual pain of past abortion(s)

                                       For Help

                                       Local contact  Priscilla 215 906 6337

                                   HOPE  AFTER ABORATION  -information about abortions's
                             aftermath and the Catholic Church''s post-abortion ministry 



Women have a right to know


CS&T Staff Writer

                   Eating disorders, drug and alcohol abuse, suicidal urges, anxiety and panic
                  attacks are just some of the symptoms of post-abortion depression, according
                 to congressional findings in the recently introduced bill known as the Post-Abortion
                 Depression Research and Care Act (H.R. 4543).


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Since the legalization of abortion in 1973, there have been approximately 50 million abortions performed in the United States. In the years since abortion was legalized, a number of studies have reported both positive and negative consequences of this procedure. While much has been learned concerning the effects of abortion on the men and women involved, there is still much more to be discovered. This website has been established for the sole purpose of collecting data concerning the effects of elective abortion on men and women.

Four populations will be surveyed through this site. These populations include:

  • women who have experienced abortion

  • men whose female partners have experienced abortion

  • parents whose adult or minor children have experienced abortion ("grandparents" on the sidebar)

  • medical personnel who are currently working or who have worked in a facility where abortion is performed