American Life League

                                  The mission of American Life League is to serve God by helping
                                  to build a society that respects and protects innocent human life
                                  from fertilization to natural death - without compromise, without
                                  exception, without apology. The distinguishing mark of American
                                 Life League, by which we will be recognized, is our absolute
                                 commitment to the sacredness of human life

                                    DEACONS IN SERVICE OF LIFE

                                  On this website, we will post items of interest for the ministry of the
                                 deacon, in relationship to the advancement of the pro-life cause.
                                 Information  related to preaching, counseling, and organizing activities
                                 on the theme of respect for life will be available.

                                Pennsylvania Prolife Federation
                                   At PA Pro-Life, our labor of love reaches out to legislators, businesses,
                            community leaders, the faith community, moms, teens, and anyone
                            who needs to hear about life issues. This website will give you information
                            about abortion, alternatives to it, free confidential pregnancy help, current
                            legislation, and much more, in addition to helping you get to know us
                            a little better

             PRIESTS FOR LIFE
We are an officially approved association of Catholic Clergy who
                     give special emphasis to the pro-life teachings of the Church. 
                     We offer ongoing assistance to the clergy in addressing the topics of
                     abortion and euthanasia, and training and resources to the entire
                      pro-life movement.

                         In 1974, at the urging of the U.S. Catholic bishops, the National Committee
                        for a Human Life Amendment (NCHLA) was founded. NCHLA’s mission is
                        to educate citizens on the need for a Human Life Amendment to protect the lives
                        of unborn children, to point out the ethical dilemmas that exist without such an
                       amendment, and to provide a forum through which interested citizens could
                       express their views on these matters, both in regard to abortion-related
                       legislation pending before Congress and in regard to the pursuit of a Human Life
                      Amendment through all lawful means. The passage of a Human Life Amendment
                      providing protection for the unborn child to the maximum degree possible
                      represents NCHLA’s overarching goal.

                                               NATIONAL RIGHT TO LIFE
                  The ultimate goal of the National Right to Life Committee is to
               restore legal protection to innocent human life. The primary interest
              of the National Right to Life Committee and its members has been the
              abortion controversy; however, it is also concerned with related
              matters of medical ethics which relate to the right to life issues of
             euthanasia and infanticide. The Committee does not have a position
             on issues such as contraception, sex education, capital punishment,
             and national defense.

                                                      PRO LIFE UNION INC.


                               The Pro Life Union of Southeastern Pennsylvania promotes the sanctity
                                                                of human life in all of its forms
                                For more information about the Pro Life Union, please contact us at
                                or click on the Pro Life Union Inc. line above

Pro Life Union
88 Pennsylvania Avenue
Oreland, PA, 19075

                            Roe  no More

                          Crossing Over Ministry, formerly named Roe No More Ministry, is under
                          the direction of Ms. Norma McCorvey, the former Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade.
                          Norma strives to spread the hope that is found in the conversion of one of the
                          abortion industry's biggest supporters - Jane Roe herself.  Crossing Over
                         Ministry - the non-profit organization - is primarily dedicated to spreading the
                         message of that now very unpopular woman. In Won By Love, Norma essentially
                         outlines the hope that all of us can be won by love in the attempt at creating a
                        culture focused on life. Crossing Over Ministry strives to educate, for it is by
                        knowing the truth that Norma was freed from the depression, drugs, and suicide
                       attempts that accompanied her lifestyle as Jane Roe. Today Miss Norma, as she
                       likes to be called, devotes every waking minute to making known to the world
                      that Jane Roe is in fact, Roe no more.


                                             Silent No More Awareness

                                 The National Silent No More Awareness Campaign is an effort to
                                 make the public aware of the devastation abortion brings to women,
                                 men, and their families. The emotional and physical pain of abortion
                                will no longer be shrouded in secrecy and silence, but rather exposed
                                and healed. This effort is a key to make abortion unthinkable and
                                persuade society that women deserve better than abortion.
                               The campaign, a joint project of Priests for Life and NOEL, has three
                                main goals: Make the public aware that abortion is harmful emotionally,
                               physically and  spiritually to women and others; Reach out to women
                              who are hurting from an abortion, let them know help  is available;
                              Invite women to join us in speaking the truth about abortion's negative