SEPTA’s Customized Community

Transportation (CCT) Connect:

Shared-Ride Program

CCT Connect is a door-to-door transportation service

for senior citizens 65 years of age and older.

This Shared-Ride Program, sponsored by the Commonwealth

of Pennsylvania and administered by

SEPTA’s Customized Community Transportation

Department, is offered on a first-come, first-served,

space-available basis to residents of the City of

Philadelphia. Eligible seniors may travel throughout

the City and anywhere in Bucks, Delaware and

Montgomery Counties within three miles of the

City’s border.

You do not have to have a disability to register for

the Shared-Ride Program. However, if you do and

you use a mobility device, please note that wheelchairs

and scooters used on CCT Connect cannot

exceed the dimensions of the “common wheelchair”

and cannot exceed 600 pounds when occupied.

To register, you must complete a registration form

and return it to SEPTA along with a copy of a

document that verifies your age. This registration

form is available by calling 215-580-7145.